Marius & Tracy

Legwear Safari was created by quirky husband and wife team Marius and Tracy Kruger in 2012.

Frustrated at not being able to find any legwear that suited her personality or her mood, Tracy was even more disappointed with the way the local tights and stocking brands fitted. “I have always been a bit different, never one for plain colours like beige or black – I wore that at school! But I tell you something, if I could find a pair that fitted me, I would wear it. “

After much research and the experience of running their first online store Jar of Mielies, Marius and Tracy realised there was an unmistakable need in the South African market for out of the box service combined with superior quality products.…and Legwear Safari was born.

“One of the things I love about Tracy is that she is so unconventional- she is always dressed in bright colours and patterns. I searched far and wide, looking for places that we could source funky, bright legwear with all the designs she likes. She used to complain that badly fitting tights made her look “lumpy” in winter…so I made it my mission to find her something didn’t make her feel lumpy. My research was extensive, as fit, design, unique style and exceptional quality were all non-negotiable requirements for our choices. And while many brands offered some seriously cool designs, the quality and fit were terrible, and quite frankly, poor quality and fit were already extensively available on the menu in South Africa.” 

Marius and Tracy, along with their small but dedicated team, are passionate about offering unparalleled service and the best quality products on the market today. They realise that seasonal markets are driven to fill stores based on trends and demands, leaving out the rest of the consumers who don’t fit into that niche category. They want to make sure that no matter who their customers are or what their style, colour or design preference is…that they will be able to express themselves with confidence.

“We want every customer to feel like they are are only customer. Old school, personal service and attention to detail is so rare these days, it is treated with thinly veiled suspicion. As South Africans, we have become so complacent about bad service that we have become socialised to believe that waiting 3 days to receive a reply to an email is acceptable. We don’t subscribe to such policies here at Legwear Safari. We are service orientated and driven to go above and beyond, ensuring each of our Legwear Safarians experience only the best here with us. ” 

Nowhere else in South Africa can you buy such superior quality legwear, in such a vast array of designs and colours,  that fits beautifully or that is available for delivery no matter the season, than at Legwear Safari.

The Legwear Safari mantra is to provide our customers with the very best selection of local and imported legwear, hosiery, shape wear and accessories – 365 days of the year..and as a team we are committed to exceeding our customers expectations.

Marius & Tracy are also the very proud parents to two teenage daughters, Teague and Jade-Emily. As well as an ever growing collection of all sorts of animals that Tracy keeps collecting when she thinks Marius isn’t looking.